Various factors can cause water damage, but the most common are plumbing problems or weather events. 

It is essential to call in professionals who have experience with water damage restoration services when you notice any signs of trouble. If left untreated, water damage can lead to serious health risks and structural issues for your home or business. 

This article will provide information on the signs that indicate you need to contact an expert right away. 

Common Signs That You Have Water Damage 

It is essential to know what you should look out for when it comes to water-related issues: 

1) The smell of musty mold – Mold needs moisture to grow and spread throughout a building’s interior. If there is an excessive amount of water in your home or office, then this could indicate that there are hidden signs of mold growth somewhere within its walls or ceilings; 

2) Standing water – This includes flooded basements from burst pipes, leaky roofs from malfunctioning gutters, and broken water lines;

3) Window condensation – If your home suddenly has too much condensation on its windows, it could be because the air inside is cooler than the exterior temperature. It usually happens when there’s a sudden change in temperature, for instance, during cold weather or after an earthquake; 

4) Change of color within walls and ceilings – When paint colors become darker or lighter than what you initially had in mind, then it may indicate that water damage has occurred somewhere between the first coat and the final one.

5) Musty odors around floors and walls – The presence of strong, musty smells coming from your floors and walls also indicates hidden water damage.