Water Damage

When water damage occurs in Lake Travis, Water Damage Lake Travis is naturally the first choice for residents. For the past ten years, we have provided emergency services to all kinds of people with the highest level of satisfaction. We are known for our customer-responsive approach and have become the go-to company for water damage repair in Lake Travis, with our expert technicians, tools, and knowledge. To offer you the most practical and lasting measures possible that will help you save money both in the short- and long term, we stop at nothing.  

Things to Do:

When water damage occurs, take the following steps to avoid collateral damage. You must accept the following steps to prevent your property and the people’s lives in your building from being endangered.

Supply line for the mains water

You have to turn off the building’s primary and secondary power supplies if an appliance or leak causes water damage. It will help you minimize your property’s damage. 


It can be fatal if water gets in contact with some appliances hooked up to electricity when there is water everywhere. To prevent the short circuit from causing damage to the people and appliances, you should cut the main power line to the building. 

Contact Water Damage Lake Travis 

It is impossible to take everything with you. When a building has water damage, a mop and bucket are useless. Count on the many years of experience of our technicians who provide the best services. As a result of the positive testimonials we have received, we have earned the reputation as the most reputable water damage repair company in town.

Things Not to Do

In this article, you’ll find a list of things you should stay away from:

Domestic Vacuum for Water Removal

If you find yourself in this situation, you cannot use a domestic vacuum pump. The first thing you should do is never attempt this heroic act because otherwise, you might end up electrocuting yourself and ultimately damaging the vacuum.

Going into a watery room

It’s never a good idea to go inside a wet room. Your chances of falling and getting hurt are high. Do not go inside flooded areas and try to stay calm. Using water to shift anything from its original place might cause you to injure yourself.

Removing Carpet on Your Own

Carpets and rugs should never be pulled by yourself from the floor when they are tucked away. Similarly, you cannot do wall-to-wall carpeting by yourself. Having them removed from the affected area and providing you with the most satisfying repairs is a job best left to the experts at Water Damage Lake Travis.

Water Damage Lake Travis

At our company, we offer expert water damage repair services for both domestic and commercial properties. For the past ten years, we have been the top-rated water damage repair and mitigation services provider in Lake Travis. People appreciate our technicians’ willingness to travel late at night and on holidays to get to their locations.