Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Lake Travis

Emergency response

You will feel comfortable that restoration professionals have arrived to handle the situation quickly and efficiently. Regardless of the time, we remain on standby to reach your Lake Travis location as soon as possible. The Water Damage Repair and Restoration team in Lake Travis is available 24/7 to handle any size and type of water damage. 

Prevention measures

Water damage is one of the things we are known for in town for protecting and preventing people from suffering. To prevent everything from accumulating water damage from continuously increasing water levels, our technicians shut off the main valves to the building once they reach your location. 

The second thing to do is cut the primary power source so water will not reach the electrical appliances and sockets. Water can get into electrical sockets or cause permanent damage to inventory if it reaches the electrical sockets or appliances. Hence, our technicians take the appropriate steps. 

Protection against damage

We remove all the inventory, rugs, carpets, and appliances to prevent accumulating water damage. Water damages a lot of things it touches, as our technicians know. However, not everything in your residence or business is waterproof. Your building has many items that are more susceptible to getting damaged when exposed to water. We remove all of your belongings, clean them thoroughly, and restore them to their original shape. 

Water removal

We begin the water removal process after taking the preventive measures. To remove all the water from the building, we use industrial-grade suction pumps. We set up a network of pumps with our expertise and knowledge that allows water to be evacuated from the building within minutes after installation. 

Cleaning and sanitizing

It is common for technicians and water removal companies to miss this step, resulting in bacteria and viruses in your building because of water damage. By utilizing safe and powerful yet pleasing cleaners and disinfectants for making the place safe for children, adults, and elders, we have won the hearts of people in Lake Travis. 

Drying and dehumidification

The next step in mold removal that can save you thousands of dollars is sanitation. We understand that hidden water molecules in your property can cause swelling and mold creation, making the building uninhabitable for people due to the toxic spores in the air. Water molecules are evaporated from buildings using robust heaters and moisture detectors. 

Damage repair 

We use modern tools and scientific technology to fix the floor, inventory, and drywall to make everything look as good as new. 


The restoration process involves restoring everything to its original form and place and using primary and paint to treat damaged areas. Additionally, our technicians are known for their timely services, satisfaction, and quality, reasonably priced restoration plans.