Water Damage Lake Travis

The hidden plumbing leak presents the most serious threat to residential and commercial properties owners regarding all the different water damage scenarios. A hidden leak could lead to the property owners having to spend thousands of dollars on repairs. A leak could occur where people cannot see it physically, so the leak is occurring on the inside of a building with people who can’t see it, and in some cases, leaky houses are a result of plumbing leaks. When there is leaking water, a cracked wall, and a leaking system, the building’s design and feel are destroyed, becoming an unsafe environment.

Hidden leak symptoms

Nothing can be done when a leak is hidden, but a few symptoms and signs can alert you to a problem before it becomes a disaster. You have no hope against this hidden leak unless you get a timely diagnosis, repair, and restoration. These signs and symptoms will help you know what is happening and allow you to call our expert technicians to prevent collateral damage to your property.

High utility bills

There may be a hidden leak inside your building that is wasting water, and you have to pay for it if you are experiencing high utility bills without any spike in water use. You are experiencing substantial damage when you are experiencing high utility bills, which demands the expert services of our company’s trained technicians. Using modern tools and scientific methods, we are the obvious choice amongst the people in the town because we use only the best of the best.

Leaky slabs

Water leaking beneath a slab or floor causes sand and dirt to be washed away from the floor, causing the most damage. When parts of the floor become hot or cold, it could result from a hidden leak occurring in a plumbing line that allows the water to heat or cool the floor.

Always running water heater.

With a water heater, you can set the temperature, and the tank will make sure the water is heated according to your setting. Leak in your plumbing will allow the water inside the tank to run freely, making the heater run constantly to raise the water’s temperature. To discover if a plumbing leak is destroying your home, you must check if the water heater is constantly running.

Smelly water

If there is stinky water in a facility, it is probably a result of a leak hidden in the floor or underground. There is a combination of freshwater and contaminated water in the building. You and your loved ones should not drink this smelly water, making you suffer the most horrible diseases. Make sure you contact our expert technicians to eliminate the problem as soon as possible.

Bad odor

An area that smells stale can also indicate a hidden leak in the plumbing system. As a result of the leak, the surrounding area will become damp, and the area will also have an unpleasant smell, making it hard for people to live there.