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Several factors cause water damage to homes around Lake Travis. If you call the right company to deal with water damage, you won’t need to invest a fortune.

Water Damage Repair Near Lake Travis

Suppose you experience any kind of water damage to your property. In that case, it is vital to contact a company that can remove it and restore your property to its original condition. 

Various categories of water damage 

There are four types of water damage, and every kind of damage has a different kind of tool and a different repairing technique that must be used. The expertise of our technicians and over half a century of collective industry experience, combined with our customer-centric approach, has helped us become top-ranked water, fire, and smoke damage restoration company.

Category 1

Water can cause minor damage to a building in category one. Water spillage occurs when the area is not fully covered, and all the places aren’t affected directly. This happens mainly in the kitchen when the site is not covered completely. If you want to understand this category better, consider an area where water has spilled over some cabinets and is strewn about. It would be best if you didn’t try to clean the water off a wooden floor on your own, as water molecules will seep into the surface causing mold growth. To dry out hidden molecules, we use modern tools to find them and use robust, safe-to-use water molecules to dry them out. 

Category 2

This is a category two situation if water is on the floor and the water level remains below 23 inches. Water affects almost everything inside the room or area in this category. You can also submerge your carpets and rugs. If the floor is damp and there is moisture present in the walls, that will cause them to deteriorate over time. In a water damage situation, you need immediate assistance from our technicians, and we are ready to provide it to you. All neighborhoods of Lake Travis rate us as the number one company in the industry. 

Category 3

Water submerges an entire area, room, or even a basement and reaches to or exceeds 24 inches high, which is an alarming situation. To save the salvageable items in the area, you must act quickly and develop innovative damage mitigation ideas.

If you don’t take swift action, the property will be destroyed, and restoration costs thousands of dollars. Our company strives to mitigate the damage in every case of water damage, smoke damage, and fire damage. 

Category 4

The restoration company and insurance companies must provide the most services in this category. Typically, insurance companies avoid claims like these as they show significant damage to all structures from water. In water damage restoration, our company is known for providing top-notch services.