Residential Water Damage

Water that finds its way into the places in your home where it shouldn’t have devastating consequences, which can impact your emotional and financial well-being. They are most affected by the water damage, so they don’t know what to do and how to react. Taking care of all your possessions and keeping your home away from water damage is something you should consider contacting an expert team for services.

Water Damage Lake Travis

When it comes to water damage, Lake Travis residents trust and value the name of Quality Restoration and Repair. Expert technicians at our company are trained and certified to assist you in such an emergency. The only way to mitigate the damage caused by water in any situation is through swift emergency response. Consequently, our team of qualified technicians is available 24/7 throughout the year to repair any damage caused by water to your property.

Property and family safety

For the family’s safety inside, shut off the main water and electricity supplies to the building. Furthermore, if water damage is caused by the plumbing inside the house, closing the valves will prevent the water damage, saving you hundreds of dollars in damage repairs.  

Taking care of children and their stuff

Keeping children safe and minimizing damage to your property are our main priorities. Our dedicated staff has years of experience handling children’s valuables with care and respect. Our goal is to use our expertise and resources to restore them to their original state. To prevent damage to your property, we provide a robust service package. We specialize in the salvage and repair of all items saved. 

Situations of home water damage 

Water damage from flooding

Vital services and modern methods are required to mitigate the damage and return the property to its former glory after a natural or non-natural flood. In a natural flood, our technicians are aware that pets and children should be spared from the health risks associated with rugs and carpets. Repairing the damage and saving your property involves using safe and powerful chemicals and robust tools. 

Water damage from rain

There is a flooding-like situation in the house when rainwater damages the property. The rain also severely damages your ceilings and walls, as well as your valuables and household appliances. Fortunately, our technicians will provide you with satisfactory assistance to prevent further damage. 

Water damage from a clogged drain 

The damage from clogged drains is similar to that caused by natural floods. There is a build-up of bacteria, harmful germs, and pollutants in the blocked water. Our goal is to reach your location in the shortest possible time and save the children and elderly from the harmful effects of polluted water. 

Water damage from leaking pipes 

You must act quickly in case of a leaking plumbing system since any delay in repairing the issue may lead to further damage to the property and increase the level of anxiety for the members of the family.